Monday, October 4, 2010

Holostar Novel: Fans choose the Title.

A new stand-alone novel starring Dash Rendar (of Shadows of the Empire fame) is being co-written by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.  Random House/Del Ray and Lucasbooks is asking the fans to choose the title.

The three titles up for vote are:  

Star Wars: Shadow Games, 
Star Wars: Pursuit,
Star Wars: Shadow Play


Stranded on Tatooine with a broken-down hyperdrive, Dash Rendar and crew—his Nautolan copilot, Eaden Vrill, and a droid named Leebo—have to find a way to raise credits. It comes in the lovely form of Javul Charn, a multi-talented human holostar being stalked by an over-zealous fan. She needs bodyguards to protect her during her tour along the Corellian Run; Dash needs credits. It’s a perfect match… until things begin to go wrong—seriously and dangerously wrong. By the time Dash realizes that the threat to Javul is not what it seems, he’s in up to his neck in a conspiracy that goes much deeper than anything he would have signed up for. Even with the help of his hated rival—Han Solo—will Dash be able to protect this spoiled entertainer, all the while being reminded that he couldn’t protect his own family?

Suvudu Vote link 

The current trend from Lucasbooks is one word titles that have multiple meanings in regards to the story.  See the Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi series.  So it makes sense that Pursuit may be an in-house favorite.   

Shadow Play sounds the most interesting to me. 

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