Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Clone Wars Bonus Content News & Rumors: Ten Episodes According to Kevin Kiner

The Clone Wars composer Kevin Kiner recently gave an interview with the Full of Sith podcast in which he reveals a bit about the planned Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Bonus Content."

In the episode titled, "Special Release: Kevin Kiner" released on June 11, 2013 at approximately 20 minutes into the episode, Kiner talked about his work on the bonus content.

"We have about ten shows that we're still working on, that are going to be part of this special material. And even hopefully there is going to be a soundtrack record as part of this special material. We'll see they're in negotiations about that so we're not positive that's going to happen. "

Ten episodes means we are likely only getting three story arcs or three story arcs and a stand alone episode. Of course he said "still working on" so it may be even more assuming they aren't working on the Clovis arc which we assume was completed because it was planned to be mid-season five originally.

The three Clovis arc episodes are "An Old Friend," "The Rise of Clovis," and "Crisis at the Heart." These episodes were 4.19-21 in production order meaning they were produced at the end of the season four batch of episodes. They were originally scheduled to be episodes 6 through 8 of season five.

This could mean that we are getting the Clovis arc (3 episodes) plus an additional 10 episodes. The Order 66 arc (4 episodes?) and a Sifo-Dyas arc (4 episodes?), and then 2 more unknown episodes.  Star Wars Underworld captured a Twitter discussion from TCW writer Matt Michnovetz which seems to confirm that he believes the Order 66 arc and the Sifo-Dyas arc are both 4 episodes in length. It is also important to keep in mind that there are two arcs that we know about that may or may not be getting finished, one of Michnovetz's Bounty Hunter arc and the other is the Yoda arc.  The Disney Star Wars Weekends clip of Yoda and Anakin from the bonus content may have been from another arc, not the Yoda arc that has been discussed by TCW cast and crew.  

The other interesting aspect of what Kiner had to say was connecting the soundtrack and the bonus content. Could it be a DVD/Blu-ray plus soundtrack combo pack? 

I will keep you posted as soon as any Clone Wars news breaks, but I think we will be waiting until Star Wars Celebration Europe (July 26-28) before we get any official announcement about the form and content of the "bonus content."


  1. ''Still working on'' means the arcs that aren't completing. The Clovis arc was probably three episodes, and TCW writers said on twitter that both the yoda and order 66 arc were 4 episodes. This means probably we are getting the two known arcs and an unknown two parter, plus possibly the Clovis arc. Another possibilty, the best one: we get twelve episodes, and they are already done with two, but I doubt it. And the bBooba Fett arc probably won't be in it.
    The fact they still have negotiations on what to release means fans can possibly still have an impact. Send your e-mails to Disney at and Lucasfilm at to let them know the fans want the Boba fett arc!

  2. I really appreciate all of Lightsaber Rattling's insight! One thing you may want to update (as it was confirmed by Matt Michnovetz) is that the Yoda arc and the Syfo-Dias arc are one and the same.

  3. I'm guessing the unnamed 2 episodes are part of an arc has to do with Ahsoka, specifically her adjusting to life outside the order and will probably give a clearer idea of what her future holds (ie parters with Ventress? her and Lux as lovers? she going down the dark side as a result of the whole ordeal she just went through? something else not mentioned?)

  4. Celebration Europe is over now. And if I'm not mistaken they did not comment on anything except the season 1-5 box set. Does anybody have news on the bonus episodes?